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We hold in our ware-house a regular stock of up to 100 tons of raw coffee. We can thus easily process large quantities of coffee at any time of the year at agreed prices.

View of our warehouse

The raw coffee follows a complex sorting and cleaning process through destoners, linked to cyclones and magnetic separator.

Destoners, cyclones and magnetic separator

The clean product is automatically conveyed to the main roasting machine with a roasting capacity of 200 Kgs per batch. This process takes about 18 to 22 minutes depending on the degree of roasting desired.

main roasting machine

The hot beans are then cooled and stabilized and eventually placed in small silos waiting to be mixed and grinded.

grinding machine
mixed and grinding machines

After variable mixtures and grindings the coffee is ready for packaging.

Packaging is automatically done by highly sophisticated machines. The types of packaging depend on the customer’s needs.

Packaging machines

The finished good is finally packed manually into carton boxes to be embarked in containers.
Our commercial department can provide easily all information regarding export prices.

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